New Collective Church 
100 Centre Park Dr.
Johnson City, TN. 
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Life Size Snow Globe Experience

After each gathering, be sure to stick around and join us for
a life size snow globe experience for kids!

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Connect with Us

What should I wear?

 Whatever you’re most comfortable in! (Jeans, sweatpants, dress clothes, tacky Christmas sweater, etc.)
 Where should I park?
 While people park in several lots near the church, if you are new to NCC, we invite you to park in the church parking lot around our building. (100 Centre Park Dr.)
 What about my kiddos?
 KidsCo is a place where kids can come to have fun and be creative in a safe, secure environment! Each week we strive to connect kids to Christ by providing age-appropriate gatherings. During each of our Christmas gatherings, kiddos will learn all about celebrating the brith of Jesus as a part of our Holly Jolly Kitchen series! They will experience a skit, praise & worship songs, and small group time that includes a Bible story, games, and prayer. Every child that attends a Christmas gathering will also receive a Holly Jolly Kitchen gift bag to enjoy at home! We can’t wait to see you for Christmas @ KidsCo!